Tooltips Have Arrived

v2.4.5 April 7, 2017

Tooltips have arrived for version 2.4.5 of BaseWeb. They are a very common and simple tool for displaying content on a page. Usually in the form of helper text, descriptions or clarifications. To get started using them, simply include blocks/_tooltips.scss into your router file and customize as you see fit.

Out of the box, you should be able to use the .tooltip class which adds the base styles for tooltips along with the default positioning of a tooltip which is above the element. Then simply add the data-tooltip data attribute with the value of the text you want displayed in the tooltip.

<a class="tooltip" data-tooltip="...">...</a>

For more information on this component block and how you can use the available mixins and variable map, check out the documentation on tooltips.

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