BaseWeb and Documentation Reboot

v2.0.0 November 2, 2016

This has been a long awaited update and I’m so excited that it’s finally here! BaseWeb 2.0 now features a freshly built Jekyll powered site and documentation. The time this update is going to save me in maintenance of BaseWeb is going to enable me to focus more on core features, components and keeping things well documented. So lets dive in and see what’s new!

New Documentation

Most of the work done on the new documentation has been converting files from the old system to Jekyll. This was mainly taking HTML files and writing them in Markdown as well as creating a better presentation of data. So variables, mixins and functions are now more legible and easier to digest.

The new setup is an awesome foundation to build on top of. I’m hoping that I can make further improvements based on feedback and a few more tools to help navigate it’s content more easily. I’ve already started plans for a table of contents, for instance.

Development Log

One of my favorite additions is finally having a development log. This will enable me to talk a lot more about project decisions, upcoming features, goals and communicate with users more easily. I also hope it can be a platform that enables me to track my journey working on this project. I have learned so much in the process of creating and maintaining BaseWeb. I really want to share that experience with others and grow from it in every way possible.

What’s Next?

The main thing I’ll be working on is expanding BaseWeb’s component library. That’s definitely the area that is lacking the most currently. But in addition to that, I’d like to expand on a few core features. For example, I want to add an option for using a grid system that utilizes the CSS flex property. I also want to explore some options for customizing BaseWeb while keeping it updatable and synced with the master branch. Currently, it’s a pain to get new features and updates if you’ve modified component variables. I want to make that process better.

Upcoming Component Blocks

  • Modals
  • Tabs
  • Pagination
  • Tooltips

Other Improvements

  • Including a way to use BaseWeb with package managers. This is something I’ll need to research more of, but I think the easier I can make this project to up and running, the better.
  • A way to create a custom download of BaseWeb with toggle-able components.
  • I’d like to create a set of example templates using BaseWeb. This would function as both examples of how to put this project into practice, as well as unit tests that I can reference when larger changes are made.

I’m very passionate about this project. I’ve been pouring my knowledge of front-end development into it for years and it’s been a huge learning experience for me. But I’m under no delusion in thinking that it’s perfect, or even that it ever will be. I would love some input from my fellow developers and users. Let me know what you like about it, and what you hate. I’d love to hear what you think.

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